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Struggling with running-related injuries? Feel like you’re not reaching your potential as a runner? That’s because the running industry is setting you up for failure with generic training plans. A generic training program gives you workouts to do, but it is not customized to your personal fitness level, so it can lead to injury.

The custom training plans and running apps are not as bad as generic training plans, but they fail because they don’t monitor your progress and adjust to your needs. Apps plug you into a computer program and give you the same instructions as runners similar to you - but those runners aren’t you.

Neither generic training plans or running apps can help you maximize your performance.


TeamAllAmerican’s training programs are for runners who want to achieve their best. Every runner needs a training program tailored to fit their body, their lifestyle, and their goals.

You need a professional to help you maximize the time you spend training. A great coaching arrangement is teamwork at its finest. It is more than just workout plans. That’s why the best runners in the world follow individualized training programs. And that is why more people than ever are investing in a coach.


Our running training programs are all customized to the individual. We maximize results and minimize injuries. Your workouts are precisely targeted to your experience, fitness level, and running goals, and we ensure you make progress quickly and safely. Adjustments are made if and when necessary. It’s a training plan that works for you.

Take a look at the testimonials, and read about runners from many backgrounds who have discovered abilities they never knew they had.

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  • I’m almost 36. I have a toddler. Yet I’m running faster than I ever have. Thanks Scott Fishman for coaching me to a PR this wknd!

    Carly Pizzani
  • Thank you again for your help training me to my best race I’ve ever run and getting the following PRs: 1 mile, 2 mile, 5 mile, 10 mile

    Clinton Randall
  • Team All-American Coach Scott Fishman customized training program is no joke. This girl is working hard for another PR! Thanks, Coach!

    Sonia Lewis
  • Coach Fishman monitors my progress through daily logging of my workouts and these entries help me focus more. The cues posted to my training help me to understand that I am not just running. I have become a mindful runner. I ran a time trial recently and amazed myself with what I achieved. What is even better, my running is my happy, joyful time yet still work, hard work, really, really hard work.

    Theresa Winterhalter
  • Running Coach Scott Fishman has coached me for speed & I find him to be present & in the moment, extremely knowledgeable & a courteous human being. I love training & with Scott Fishman in my corner I know that I will reach my goals without getting injured.

    Adam Jug
  • Scott has the ability to make the science and physiology easy to understand, bringing cutting-edge research and information to runners of all abilities and training levels.

    Amber Sayer
  • I did the half marathon in 1:58:26! My goal was to get under the 2 hour mark and I’m so excited! Again, it’s thanks to all you taught me! That’s 8+ minutes faster than my previous best! Thank you!

    Erika Edmiston
  • I have trained with Running Coach Scott Fishman and it is unbelievable how he helped me to increase my performance and achieve a personal record in the half marathon (1:26, 4 minutes off from my previous PR). For me personally, the most important aspect of training with him is that not only does he set the training program and follow up, but also he helps to develop self-confidence, which is as crucial as physical readiness during races.

    Galymzhan Kirbassov
  • I was able to run my marathon PR of 2:48:46 with the help of Scott. He pushed me hard and tested not only my fitness but my mentality. And it all paid off at the Chicago Marathon!  But not only did he give me amazing, and tough, workouts, he also gave me the confidence I needed to be able to mentally run my pace.  His running knowledge is amazing and he does not hesitate to give out his running secrets!

    Jeremy Rielley
  • As a fitness expert, coach and endurance athlete, I’m always looking for the next steps to improve my game, fitness expertise and my coaching ability. Running Coach Scott Fishman has provided me not only with the best possible plan to execute on my races and maximize performance but it has also been a learning experience for me. His immediate response and customized programming has been a pivotal point in my training.

    Amner Pereira
  • A huge marathon PR of 3:18! I feel like Scott Fishman is always present because he is constantly aware of my runs, my progress, my challenges, my successes, and my anticipated questions - 7 days a week.  He is an excellent motivator and clearly has a true passion and dedication to helping others achieve their goals.

    Jenna McHugh
  • As a middle-aged, middle-of-the-pack Recreational Marathoner, I wanted to find a coach who would not only motivate me to push myself to peak performance, but guide me carefully to avoid any jeopardy to a lifelong joy of running.  Scott is the perfect fit.

    Nelson Aspen

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