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Philosophy: Why A Custom Plan?

As interest and access to running and racing has increased, so has the availability of broad and generic information about running online and beyond. But just as no two people’s fingerprints are the same, nor are two athletes’ mental and physical expressions and functions the same.

 “A year ago an acquaintance of mine qualified for the Boston Marathon. I inquired how he trained and discovered he was training with Team All-American. I followed suit and qualified for Boston on my very first marathon. The plan works!” – Ricky Frasier, Team All-American Athlete

It makes sense, then, that two different adult athletes would not react identically to the same generic running plan or advice they might receive from a friend, book, magazine or even online.

Every athlete functions best when they are working to their maximum potential, which requires careful attention to that athlete’s individual running “fingerprint.”

Coach Scott and Team All-American are firmly rooted in the idea of a team of individuals. That is, the group is united through their connections with their teammates and coach, but each athlete has his/her own unique training plan.

(A training plan is a specific instruction on what to do physically each day.)

Custom Running Workouts

Basing running workouts on random internet searches is risky! Actually, there are specific avenues and training paths that bring the best out of certain individuals. Whereas one runner might thrive on speed work, another runner might gain fitness best with stamina work. This is where a generic running plan might promise an athlete results, but poses many risks—most athletes who follow generic advice may not even make it to a starting line due to injury, lack of accountability, and lack of proper specific training to help the athlete find their unique potential.

“The running workouts I receive each week are customized specifically for me and my goals. As my training progresses, or if something changes along the way, Coach Scott makes adjustments so that I can get the most out of each run. This has been a big help because it takes the guess work out of my training.” – Mandy Northcutt, Team All-American Athlete

This is where Coach comes in.

One of the most exciting parts about Coach Scott’s job as a coach is growing with his athletes and coaching them to success, not just to the finish line. Through his years of experience coaching and training, Coach Scott crafts custom running plans for his Team All-American athletes. By taking the time to study and learn each member of Team All-American’s unique “fingerprint” as an athlete, Coach Scott is able to write unique running plans to transform the runner.

Most importantly, these running plans are monitored and adjusted to the individual. As the athlete progresses, so does Coach Scott’s plan for the athlete—this synergy is key. For example, a hill repeat workout with rest in between intervals might evolve into a hilly tempo run where there is no actual pause in running during the session.

Custom Non-Running Workouts

Running isn’t the only way to get good at running.

Running is a great way to get good at running, but it’s all the other facets of training and living that prevent injury and give Team All-American runners an extra physical and mental “edge” on race day.

In fact, through his research on and off the track, Coach Scott has found that time spent “off the track” is just as important as all those running-miles. That’s why Team All-American fosters a philosophy of dynamic athleticism—Coach Scott’s athlete’s weekly plans include off days, cross-training, weight lifting, mobile drills, recovery-specific work and mental imagery exercises.

“I never enjoyed or thought much of cross training. Coach made these workouts precise but more importantly, fun and interesting. I now view custom workouts in a whole new way.” – Sarah Rice, Team All-American Athlete 

Coach Scott’s custom non-running workouts target athlete’s specific intrinsic weaknesses to maximize their potential while running. For example, an athlete might have a weak core, causing them to lose their good posture late in the race. Coach Scott is also able to advise athletes about how to pick the right sneakers, what and when to eat and drink before, during and after a workout, and has the skills to analyze and address an athletes running efficiency through running-form analysis. Coach Scott uses the non-running aspect of his coaching to address these issues, which are particularly prominent in adult athletes.

The body is meant to run, but it is not necessarily naturally equipped on its own to handle all the wear and tear of the sport. Coach Scott’s extra attention to this detail of running is what makes his runners injury-free and performing at their best—it is what makes Coach Scott an athlete’s coach, not just a running coach.


If running were the only thing we did with our day, we could spend twelve hours at practice. We could sleep in, time our meals perfectly, drive to our favorite trail or track, and so on…but this isn’t the reality most of us are living! Coach Scott believes in customizing his training plans to the lifestyles and schedules of each of his athletes.

Coach Scott believes that running can and should fit in with your life, not work against it.

“As a working dad with a wife, two kids, two cats and some occasional travel thrown in the mix it is important to me that my training schedule is adjusted to my needs. Only a custom plan from a coach with a quick response time can accomplish that. Scott is accessible to react even on short notice and I can rest assured that I get the optimal use of my time available.” – Henrik Wist, Team All-American Athlete

Before each training cycle, Coach Scott gathers information from his athletes about their unique life situation and how his training plan can best fit in. For example, if an athlete only has free time for a long run on a Monday, or has access to a track on particular days, or requests a particular day “off,” Coach Scott tailors the workout plan accordingly.

This is one of the most unique features of Team All-American, because it allows running to be synergistic with life. It alleviates stress and creates a positive energy around the training.

For a sport that is undoubtedly as mental as it is physical, finding a training plan that works uniquely with the athlete can make all the difference.


Philosophy: Why A Coach?

Whether through personal experience or through observations of others’ experiences, we all have an idea of what it means to have a “coach.” With running, some images that come to mind are stopwatches, whistles and a person standing trackside with a clipboard and visor. We imagine a wide-eyed athlete receiving a pep talk from this visor-ed figure minutes before the start of a race— we imagine wisdom.

“A coach as a resource is invaluable with the wealth of knowledge they possess. And Coach Scott has been an amazing resource for me. I wouldn’t be the runner I am today without him!” – Jill Quaglino, Team All-American Athlete 

As we become adults, though, the coaches in our lives may fade and even disappear— as adults, we probably see this coach image more frequently in movies and in our childrens’ lives than in our own. Is it that we out-grow needing a “coach” or that a coach is simply harder to come by as we grow older?

Perhaps with work, family and other adult-things playing a greater role in our life, we already have enough of other people to “report to” besides a coach. Besides, if we want to maintain our fitness or reach a fitness goal, there are manuals and books that can help us. We can find instruction elsewhere.

But what about the whistle and the figure standing trackside? What about the connection we have with coach moments before the starting gun goes off? There is something more than instruction going on in these scenes in our minds.

A coach is about more than instruction, then.

Great coaching is about observing an individual and evaluating how to maximize their personal athletic ability, mentally and physically. It is part science and part art— the best coaching is anything but generic and broad. Just as a chef begins with ingredients and finds out how they best work in harmony, so does a quality coach handle each athlete with care, thoughtfulness and technique.

Every individual athlete’s training plan should look different.

A coach does more than indicate to us when to go and stop, but is also someone we trust and are inspired by and feel accountable to. The coach’s whistle, for example, comes from a place of knowledge, experience, observation and creativity. Coaching is about more than just generic instruction, but more importantly about guidance and wisdom.

And wisdom is something we never outgrow.

At Team All-American, we believe adult athletes can truly benefit from a Coach, too. We believe in growing and thriving as athletes through a real coach-athlete relationship—symbolic whistle and all.

Coach Scott


Coach Scott is the head coach for Team All-American. He believes there isn’t anything magical about coaching but there is something extraordinary about learning from others’ research and experience.

Scott’s coaching is a significant value. First and foremost, he has kept me injury-free since I began working with him two years ago. This is priceless (I have run 5 marathons and countless half marathons during that time). He goes beyond just creating running custom plans; he also includes nutrition consultations, strength training plans, and racing tips. Every time I speak with Scott, I gain more knowledge and become a better athlete. He is a master at overall wellness. He is a total fitness guru and his costs are very affordable based upon what I have received in return. – Jenna McHugh, Team All-American Athlete”

However, Scott found that access to quality running Coaching often ends at the collegiate level and started Team All-American coach to uniquely fill the athletic coaching gap adult athletes everywhere face.

As a Coach, Scott believes that there is nothing more paramount in an athlete’s career than achieving a personal best. And achieving that best as an adult athlete is entirely possible, but requires the combination of creativity and science that Coach Scott brings to Team All-American.

Through customized workouts, thoughtful progression of intensity and volume, Coach Scott is able to put the pieces of the athletic puzzle together with the athletes he works with. Coach Scott guide his athletes through the years, weeks, and days leading into race day so that Team All-American athletes are able to perform at their peak on race day. No online or self-coaching system is capable of observing, molding and managing an athlete’s progression like Coach Scott.


Officially, Scott earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sports Science and is also a certified and registry-approved running coach with USA Track and Field who has over 15 years of 1-on-1 coaching and training experience. But beyond his credential on the wall, Scott learned to coach through a learning-by-doing approach.

Scott learned to coach by coaching.

As an athlete who faced a similar challenge when his access to quality coaching was limited to the years he was in school, Scott began coaching in the exact location where his athletic career started: in his childhood driveway in the suburbs of New York. He sought to bridge the gap between youth athletics and adult athletics, and specifically in the realm of running.

Scott felt passionate about reaching runners in his hometown first, but Team All-American has only grown from there.


As a coach, Scott understands all facets of coaching and he knows what it means to “hold the whistle”—that is, the science behind quality conditioning and training to maximize physical development, no matter where the athlete’s starting place.

But Coach Scott also understands that in order to be the best athlete, there is a powerful mental side to athletics—through phone call coaching, as well as contact through text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and other coaching avenues, he is the “coach standing trackside.”

Custom Training Plans

Coach Scott subscribes to the simple philosophy that all people are different and every one of his athletes should have their own unique training plan. Undoubtedly, what one athlete might need in their training plan will differ from another!

Coach As A Resource

Coach Scott also knows from his own experience as an athlete how a coach for an adult athlete is also different than a coach for a young child. That is, with family, work, and other life responsibilities, a coach should feel more like a teammate than an obligation. Coach Scott pays attention to detail with each of his athletes and their custom training plans, and he champions flexibility and growth.

Coach Scott believes that a great coach should guide and shape, not hover and control.

Coach Scott’s philosophy as a coach is one of understanding—he develops an understanding of his athletes so that his athletes can, in turn, better understand themselves and their athletic capabilities. This mutual understanding is made possible through real human-to-human interaction, which is what makes Coach Scott and Team All American different and more effective than online coaching or self-coaching.


Philosophy: Team

While we commonly think of “team” as a group of athletes all gathered in one place, team can actually mean so much more than this. Team All-American believes that a team is a group of people with individual goals who share a common mission.

Team, then, is actually a state of mind.

The focus of Team in Team All-American is to unite runners with a common purpose and passion for achieving athletic success and personal records.

Team All-American is a group of athletes spanning worldwide, all under the watchful guidance of Coach Scott. While training programs and goals vary from athlete to athlete, one thing is the same for each of Coach Scott’s athletes: the Team All-American spirit of “smart” work and steady improvement— any team can work hard, but not every team can work “smart.” A smart team does not mean that every athlete does the same thing everyday.

Rather, Team All-American is a group of individual athletes each following their own specific training program, while all working towards a common purpose.

Purpose is contagious!

Athlete-Coach As Team

Coach Scott believes that the most important element of Team All-American is the relationship—the teammate-ship— between coach and athlete.

Rather than embarking on the challenging and often confusing journey to peak fitness alone, Team All-American emphasizes the support system provided by Coach Scott to his athletes.

Coach Scott believes that a great coach-athlete team is one in which a Coach is able to bring out the best in the athlete.

Through specialized training programs, Coach Scott fosters a smart, positive, and highly effective running culture on his team that his athletes believe in. Belief is the first step to success.


Team All-American is comprised of athletes from across the globe, all united by their shared passion for fitness and achieving personal bests. The most valuable aspect about the team in Team All-American is its ability to inspire a culture of accountability.

“We are different and so are our schedules. What I love about Scott Fishman is that he still has me in tip top racing shape working around my hectic schedule with 5 children. Scott provides me with a no excuse program, even when I come up with last minute issues.” – Evelyn Matousek 

By uniting the team through private Facebook groups, exclusive Team All-American e-mails, in-person race meet-ups, and other forms of interaction, Coach Scott ensures that all of his athletes feel a sense of connection and accountability not just to him, but to each other.

Plus, when the training gets hard, staying engaged with the running world through a globally connected team is the best way to stay inspired—to stay hungry for more! It is this sense of camaraderie on Team All-American that fosters a culture of positive energy and success.

Remember, success is contagious!


Philosophy: Off-the-Run Enhancement

As much as we may think that dedicating 24 hours a day to training might make us the best athletes, there is actually quite a bit of growth that can be done off the track, roads, trails, treadmills, and outside of the weight room.

In order to be a great athlete, we must also be a student of the sport.

This is why Coach Scott provides his Team All-American athletes information and resources to help them succeed. Rather than thinking about running as just a sport, running becomes a lifestyle — and one that can be enhanced and bettered by focusing on the time we spend when we’re not actually running. This way, our evolution as athletes grows with our lives, rather than against it.

Being a champion means more than just finishing a race in first. Coach Scott believes that champion is a state of mind, and this enhancement happens in part through off-the-run enhancement.


In addition to putting work into our body, there is an equal opportunity to enhance that maturity through mental development. When a workout or race gets tough, it is usually mental fortitude, not just physical, which will carry us through.

Coach Scott encourages his athletes to embrace the mental side of running by providing them with critical resources to expand their scope of knowledge about running. Discovering our inner athlete starts with developing the vocabulary and knowledge to do so—one of Coach Scott’s favorite parts about coaching is sharing his wisdom about run-life balance and inspiration about the time we spend running and also time we spend outside of training.

Coach Scott is the most followed fitness expert in social media for a reason! He maintains a blog, and also shares his exclusive findings with his athletes through the Team All-American exclusive Facebook group, conference calls with team members, and one-on-one coaching with individual athletes. Coach Scott also sends his athletes information and articles specific to their mental barriers and strengths through face timing, text and email.

The goal of mental development is that the athlete feels equipped and prepared mentally to face the unexpected. Undoubtedly, there will be moments during our workouts or races when we feel uncertainty or adversity. If we can draw on material Coach Scott sends us from other runners’ experiences, double blind placebo studies, research articles, and 1-on-1’s with the best athletes in the world, we will become better athletes ourselves.

By developing our mental pathways during training with Team All-American, Coach Scott ensures that his athletes are prepared to face challenges with positivity and dynamism.


While physical training is key, staying informed about training is just as crucial. The first step to staying healthy, for example, is learning about staying healthy. A major component of Team All-American is staying informed about nutrition, injury prevention, strength, mobility, and recovery.

“I trained using a generic training plan and both legs were taped from ankle to glutes. I had tendonitis and all kinds of pains. I don’t have any of those issues now that I use a custom training plan.” – Valerie Dewitz, Team All-American Athlete 

Especially because research about such information is constantly changing and evolving, Coach Scott makes sure his athletes are up to date on the latest findings. As an authority of the sport, he takes the time to conduct research so his athletes don’t have to sort through the countless plethora of information in magazines and online. With the ability to just focus on their workouts, athletes are better able to stay in the moment when training. This, in turn, brings out a greater love of the sport for Coach Scott’s athletes.

After all, conditioning and health is about optimizing our time spent running and not running.

Running is not a new sport, but new information about running can only help an athlete stay healthier longer. Coach Scott believes in the running journey—that is, an athlete’s boundless performance rests upon being the best-prepared and most-informed athlete on the start line.

Philosophy: Long Term Success

Team All-American emphasizes big picture thinking and strives for long term success.

Long term success starts with staying healthy and training smart, two of the guiding principles of Coach Scott’s custom coaching philosophy.

It isn’t enough to show up to the workout ready to go, but ignore recovery, or to spend all of our time reading about running but not enough time actually running. As we progress as individual athletes climbing towards our optimal fitness, applying all the facets of running to our routine and keeping the long-term in mind is key. Our small athletic achievements and peaks are important, but it is the whole journey that will allow us to achieve our full potential.

“Training with Team All-American has been a life-changing experience for me since I have learned to live life more fully, passionately, and purposefully. Coach Scott Fishman leads by example and is dedicated to not only providing an individualized training plan to improve running ability but he has guided me to reject past beliefs and habits that were holding me back from achieving my personal goals. While I have become a fitter, faster, stronger runner, I have developed a greater sense of peace, joy, and balance in following not only my passion but in helping to contribute to the lives of others.” – Michele Gillott

At Team All-American, runners achieve success at the highest level by embarking on a process that encompasses all the facets of being a great athlete—mental fitness, physical fitness, and an on-the-run and off-the-run focus.

The Team not only reaches athletes worldwide and from all fitness levels, but also guarantees individualized programs that keep athletes thriving and climbing towards success over a long period of time— for the long run.

This long-term mentality not only makes us better and healthier athletes, but also more fulfilled people! Team All-American athletes can enjoy their successes as well as their journey to success. Team All-American is a group of athletes who are inspired by others and also inspired by their own hard work and achievements.

Running personal records and progressing as athletes is entirely possible with the right program and mindset. Just as Team All-American has been around for over nine years strong, so do the Team All-American athletes see success over the long run.

Jump on the long-run train with Team All-American to feel what the long-run can do for you.

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